Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Too Small, Too low, Too Big

Hello Readers. Today's post is about a shirt that was too small, a shirt that was too low-cut, and jeans that were too big. It is easy to make big clothes smaller, but you can also do the opposite. You can make small clothes bigger easily too.

I liked the stripes of this navy shirt, but it was too tight and it had no stretch. I wasn't getting into it. (Not without some axle grease and a shoe horn.)
 The red sleeveless shirt fit but it was SO LOW CUT! It had a piece of lace that looked like it was for modesty but it was 4 inches below what I would have thought was modest. It did fit though. Maybe these 2 shirts could help each other?

These jeans are too baggy and long, they need help as well.

I started by putting the navy shirt on my dress form. I put the red shirt on top and cut that lace off the red shirt. The navy shirt is going to fill in that low-cut neckline. 

I pinned the navy shirt to the red shirt and used my sewing machine to stitch them together. I cut the excess navy shirt away.

I cut the sleeves off the navy shirt and then attached them to the armholes of the red shirt. I also added the waistband for a little added touch of navy blue.

I thought about adding the front pocket but it seemed like too much. What do you think? I still have it, should I add it on?

Here is a look at the inside. You can see the red shirt fills inn the body of the navy blue shirt. The fit of the red shirt makes it comfortable to wear and the navy shirt covers my neckline and arms.

The jeans were too baggy and too long but I really like the look of faded Levis. I wanted to make them fit me well. I took them in on the sides and hemmed the legs shorter. I went over the side seam a couple times with my machine so the seams would be very strong. Easy-peasy.

I wore this now well fitting shirt and Levi's to the happiest place on earth for suburban moms. I went without my 3 year old and it was glorious to walk around and look at things without chasing him! (He is cute but he is not a good shopper.)

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
  *Year end update-This shirt is still a great casual day shirt. It is easy to put on and go.

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