Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The 80's Blazer

Hello Readers. Do you remember the 80's? Depending how old you are this fabulous blazer might remind you of the past. The oversized fit and the wild geometric patterns remind me of junior high and high school fashion choices I made way back when.

This blazer was crushed velvet. The material was a little heavy and stiff. It also has a cool gold button in the front that you can't really see in the busy fabric. I decided to make a wrap skirt. The stiff fabric would be great as a skirt.

I cut the body of the blazer off. It was almost a skirt already.

I put the fabric on my dress form and started pinning. I made two darts in the back to bring the waist in a little. I also pulled the front closed and over on itself more so it had enough overlap to keep me covered when I wore it as a skirt.

I used some simple bias tape to finish the waist and use as a tie to close the skirt.

I moved the button so it still worked with the button hole. I thought it would be a way to keep the skirt even more closed. I don't want the skirt to blow open in the wind. That button is just a little added security.

The best part of wearing a wrap skirt is it is adjustable. If I make cookies for my kids and eat 3 giant handfuls of cookie dough (True story.) I can still be comfortable.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. 
And have some cookies too.
 *Year end update-I love this skirt. It's a wild one of a kind skirt.

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