Friday, March 8, 2019

The Sort of Psychedelic Dress

 Hello Readers. I found this great dress at a clothes swap and thought is was super-cool. I don't think it is really vintage but the skirt looks a little 60's psychedelic to me.

It was a soft warm knit material and had such a wild looking skirt. If you stare at it long enough it looks like it is moving. I loved the visible gold zipper in the back too. It almost fit me, but didn't look flattering. It was a little dowdy in shape. It really needed it to be shorter in length and the waist would look better if it was a little higher on me.

I thought the easiest way to fix this dress was to fold it in half and make a new seam around the dress at the fold. 

I removed about 4 inches right from the middle. It raised the waist up to be level with the ends of the sleeves. I thought that would look good.

The top half of the dress was now shorter. The skirt was a little shorter too. That was a better fit for me. I made the skirt more narrow because it felt overwhelmingly full and puffy now that I raised the skirt.

Here is a close up of the new waist seam.

I really liked the dress when it was finished. I didn't change the cool zipper and the wild skirt is still just as wild.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
  *Year end update-This is still a great dress for winter. It is soft, thick, and warm.


Novice Needleworker said...

I would NOT have thought of doing the waist that way, I would have over thought it and made it much more complicated than that. This is brilliant!

kitblu said...

What is a clothes swap? Where do they happen (a home, a church)? I have never seen one where I live in Canada. It is hard to discern true colours on my monitor. Is it gold or silver with the black? I would like it worn with a big necklace in the same colour or trimmed around the neckline. Not that the dress would ever have fit me.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comments! I am glad you liked the blog/dress/post.
I need to write an entire post about clothes swaps. I thought clothes swaps were going on everywhere.
I have been to tiny swaps and large swaps. I had a small one at my house. I invited a group of ladies and everyone brought clothes they didn't need or want. It is a great way to get rid of things you don't wear anymore, but someone else might like.
Larger swaps can be held in churches or community centers. It takes more workers to organize the clothes, but it can be a lot of fun.
It is helpful to the community and keeps clothes from going to the trash. Whatever is not taken can go to a charity shop.
Happy sewing to you!