Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dress to Shirt

Hello Readers. Why would anyone want to refashion a perfectly good dress? Well, I didn't need a dress. I  needed some shirts. One of the reasons I like to sew is to make what I need, when I need it. Sure, you can run to your favorite store and buy what you need. But that kind of spending adds up. If you want to save some cash, start sewing.

This dress was nice and I liked the fit and colors. It is a sleeveless dress with a nice high neckline. I don't like tops that are too low cut. (My cleavage is my business. Y'know what I'm saying?)
There was nothing really wrong with this dress, but I was going to cut it up anyway.

What if this dress wasn't a dress at all? What if it was a shirt? I would still love it and I could wear a light sweater in the morning when it was chilly. In the warm afternoon it would be great by itself.
As you can see, I gave this dress a big cut at the bottom. 

I turned the bottom edge under twice and stitched a new hem. I wanted this new shirt to be long enough to tuck into pants or a skirt, but a nice hem means I can wear it untucked and still look nice.

Super easy sewing here!
This was a fast and easy refashion that turned out great. It is perfect with pants and has a business casual vibe to it. It was just what I needed.

And it is great for the hot afternoon commute.

Fake driving!

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This top is definitely a favorite.


jenny_o said...

Fake driving - lol!

This is a great refashion. There's no point in keeping something as a dress if you're not going to wear it.

My daughter and I are fed up with low-cut tops too. It's such a relief when you find something that gives proper coverage. I will have to start looking at dresses at the thrift store that I can shorten, to widen the pool of possibilities.

I Can Work With That said...

I think I am short and the tops that are not intend3ed to be low cut end up being low cut on me. It is annoying. We just have to create our own! Happy thrifting.