Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Another Dress to Shirt

Hello Readers. Sometimes a dress just isn't what you need. Well, It wasn't what I needed. I needed a shirt instead. I really liked this patterned knit dress but I was willing to sacrifice it. I would like it as a shirt too, right?

This dress had stretch so it would be comfortable and I would never need to iron it. Those were great features for me. These big bell sleeves did not really work for me though. I know they are meant to be big but they just seemed too big on me. I would fix those too.

I took quite a bit of fabric out of those big sleeves. I didn't change the size in the body of the shirt. I just wanted more fitted sleeves.

I cut the dress to the length I wanted. I saved that bottom hem too. I wanted to put it back on the bottom of the shirt so it would have that blue stripe back at the bottom. I thought that would make it look nicely finished.

Here is the blue stripe in place at the bottom of the new shirt. I really liked that blue color.

 I also had this classic blue cardigan that seemed to do with the dress/shirt colors so well. My mom passed this sweater on to me. (Thanks Mom!) The sweater was a little big and the sleeves were too long. I couldn't wear it because the sleeves wouldn't stay pushed up so I needed to make the sleeves more narrow. If the sleeves were tighter, I could keep them up off my hands and I wouldn't have to shorten them.

I didn't change this sweater drastically. I just made a new seam on the sleeves and sides of the sweater. I took off a little more after this picture was taken to make sure the sleeves will stay up. If they will stay pushed up I won't need to shorten them, I could just push them up. Using the existing seam made this an easy alteration.

The new shirt and sweater worked out well and work well together. I like the layers for the cooler weather we are getting recently. Autumn is here, I think.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

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