Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maxed Out Three

Hello Readers. Today is part 3 of my Maxed Out series. The maxi skirt I am going to show you today is a very pretty cream color skirt with a light sheer overlay. It was SO long. I couldn't even walk around in it. If you check the before picture below on the left, it looks like I have no feet. I don't know who was intended to wear this, but they are a lot taller than me. Even high-heels wouldn't have fixed this.

I decided to go shorter (Much shorter!) with this skirt because it was so delicate and light in color. I thought it was pretty but not very practical for a mom of a toddler.
I had to cut the whole thing to a shorter length. I decided to cut it so the sheer layer was just a bit longer than the lining underneath. This would make it about knee length and I thought that would be good for me. Now I just needed to hem the skirt.

(Oh, look, I do have feet.)

I didn't do any sewing to make a new hem. I used a lighter. Before I used the lighter I got the fire extinguisher and put it close by. I was trying to be safe because I was literally playing with fire.
I also researched how different fabrics/fibers burn. You can check this video for more information.

I went to an area that was open and well ventilated. With out any small children, pets or flammable substances around.
I used the lighter and "brushed" the flame along the raw edge of the fabric. This is polyester so it caused the edge to melt in on itself. I tried not to keep the flame in one spot too long, or it would melt too much of the fabric and take a little bite out of the edge. You can see in the picture below on the right where I overdid it on one spot.

I really liked the finished look. It made a very light hem. It stayed light weight because I didn't make a traditional hem by folding the fabric under and stitching the layers of the hem down. It has a lot of movement and I felt a little like a ballerina while I was wearing it. 

Thanks for reading, the next time will be the final Maxed Out post.
Go make something fun for yourself.

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