Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Pink Martini Pants

Hello Readers. Have you ever had a pink martini? Me neither, I am not much of a drinker.  But I have the perfect linen pants for it. I found these pants at Goodwill for a dollar. They looked so cheerful and unique. What is the occasion to wear these pants? What is the setting or event? It's not clear to me yet. They don't seem appropriate for back-to-school night. Weddings and funerals are out too. They don't seem right for church or a job interview either.

These pants caught my eye and I bought them. Sometimes I go thrifting with my 2 year old and I just grab what I can in a rush. I need to get in and out before he has a toddler meltdown. (That is like a nuclear meltdown, but the government doesn't help you clean it up.)
They were a little big but I knew I could size them down.

My morning cup of strong Irish tea.

They were in brand-new condition, and they were nicely lined. I removed the lining because linen breathes and the acetate lining would just make them hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat.
I narrowed the legs a bit, that's about it. I knew linen would fray so I went over the new seam twice. I used a zigzag stitch on the edge to hold it together. A serger would be even better.

*Author's note added later- I just found out that the lining helps prevent wrinkles in the linen.

I also had this dark pink dress. I loved the full skirt but it was too long on me but the color was a perfect match for the pants.

Look at that skirt twirl!

The dress is from J. Peterman. Is this the same J. Peterman that Elaine from Seinfeld worked at? I don't know for sure but I like to think so.

I cut a shirt off the top of that dress. I thought it would be a great little outfit. I didn't measure and discovered that it was a little too short. It was just long enough to reach the top of the pants, I require more tummy coverage than that. 

I am saving the skirt for next time.

I decided to add a band of black to the bottom edge of the pink shirt. I took this old black shirt and cut a little off the bottom.

I stitched them together. Easy as pie.

Here is the final shirt. The extra 2 inches made a big difference to me.

Here is the new finished outfit. Maybe it's a brunch outfit? Maybe it's for birthday parties? Maybe I will just wear it for fun.

Next time I will show you what I did with the bottom of that dark pink dress. Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Cute cute CUTE!! Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks, these pants were/are a favorite.