Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blinded By The (Neon) Light

Hello Readers. I know what you're thinking? Why is she covered from head to toe in bright neon? She looks like a yellow highlighter marker. Well, my friend, you are right. It's too much. You might also be thinking that "Blinded by the Light" sounds like the title to an old song. Yes, it is. I looked it up on Youtube.

I found these neon corduroy pants at a clothes swap and they caught my eye. Neon is usually a summertime color and corduroy is usually a wintertime fabric, but someone put them together. I also found this neon shirt. It was just way too much neon. I decided to make shorts.

The legs fit well but the waist needed to more fitted. I marked the sides where I took the waist in. I also made two tucks in the back. I make these kind of tucks in a lot of pants because I hate it when the waist gapes open in the back. I can wear a belt but I don't always want to bother. I would rather the waist just fit well.

Here are the tucks from the outside of the pants. The end down in the pockets. It looks neater that way.

I decided to wear a different shirt too. (To be totally honest, I lost the neon shirt. I have no idea where it went.) Unfortunately, this gray shirt is too long on me and it is really low cut too. I fixed that by first  cutting off the arms and the neckband. That made a tank top shape. I also cut across the top of each shoulder strap.

That way I could tie a knot on each shoulder. I adjusted the knots until the shirt fit me and wasn't too low cut anymore.

I was ready to go play outside with the 2 year old. His favorite things to play with are dirt and rocks, so it's good that this outfit is machine washable. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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