Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Long Beach Bag

Hello Readers. It is summer and time for swimming and relaxing days at the beach. HA HA! I am a mom so that means I am in charge of snacks and on life guard duty. I am not sitting in the sun soaking up the rays. I am putting sunscreen on kids and trying to keep them from drowning. I need a GIANT bag for towels, goggles, sunblock, snacks, drinks squirt toys and tons of other stuff too.

I had a giant bag that held all my stuff but check out the long handles in the picture below. The bag is down to my knees and the straps are so long I can't carry it in my hand like a suitcase, it would drag on the ground. I don't want to make the bag smaller but I could make the straps into shorter handles.

They are simple woven handles. I cut them off the bag and made them about half as long. The ends were frayed originally, so I kept that look in my new shorter handles. 

I can put it over my shoulder but I can also carry it like a suitcase while I chase overexcited little guy around the parking lot, pool deck, beach ... you get the idea.

***** BONUS TRACK *****

This is a quick fix. I needed exercise clothes. I know they sell them at the store but I can never bring myself to spend money on clothes to sweat all over. I can sweat all over free clothes just as well. 
I had theses cropped sweat pants that looked fine but it is really hot here. Shorts would be better for the summer. I cut the legs off and as usual this knit material doesn't fray.

There is a lot of visible feet in the post, sorry.

I am ready to run like the wind. HAHA, just kidding, I don't run.
 I just walk quickly and hope for muscle growth.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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