Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Jeans With Sky High Pockets

Hello Readers. I think Spring is coming. It is right around the corner, I can feel it. I thought these rosy-pink Lee jeans would be great for Spring. I found them at a a clothes swap recently. When I got home I realized they comfortable and fit well. They were high in the waist and that was OK, but the pockets were ridiculously high. The pockets were right under the very high waist and that put them all the way up on my back. It was weird placement to say the least. Who would want back pockets up on their back? Why would they make these jeans like this? 

 I thought I could move them lower and they would look better.

I started by removing the pockets with my seam ripper. It wasn't too difficult. I tried to be careful and not tear the jeans as I ripped the pockets off.

Bad pockets.                                          No pockets.

It was harder to decide where to put them. I looked at other jeans to see where the pockets were. Then I used a mirror to see where they should be. I marked the outline with chalk. I took the jeans off and used pins to hold the pockets in place. 

Do not try to pin clothes that you are wearing. OUCH!!

Oops. My pins didn't hold the pocket very well. The chalk in the picture below shows where I wanted the top of the pocket to be. This pocket turned out all wrong. I removed the pocket and started over again.

I washed the jeans to remove the old stitch marks. They washed out pretty well if you look really close you can see them. But I don't think anyone will notice them.

I like the new placement. It seems more natural and it's more comfortable to use the back pockets in their new location. 

I wore them to run important errands. Like getting ice cream from Dairy Queen. Mmm...

They fit like straight leg jeans and I can't decide if I should leave them or make them into skinny jeans. I am a skinny jeans addict. What do you think?

I look a little pregnant in this picture, I need to lay off the ice cream.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

***     AUTHOR"S NOTE     ***

It's been a few weeks and I went ahead and made them skinny jeans. 

I wore them to Target. So basic.

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