Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Small Fixes

Hello Readers. I think sometimes clothes just need a few small fixes to make them great again. My project today was a great houndstooth skirt that I found at a clothes swap. It was so cute and it looked brand new, why did someone give this away? I soon saw why.

This skirt is super cute but the large woven pattern is easy to snag. I had to pull the snagged threads through to the back to repair the outside of the skirt. Sometimes sweaters snag like this too. It is annoying but it's not hard to fix. (Small fix #1)

This skirt was also too large. It had a zipper on one side and a seam on the other side. I decided to take the skirt in on the side that didn't have a zipper and leave the zipper side alone. Why mess with a working zipper if you don't need to, right? You can see below where I marked the skirt with white chalk. This is going to be my new seam.

I had a lot of concerns about this new seam. The fabric is so loosely woven in some places, I thought it would fray like crazy. I decided to cover the new seam with bias tape and stitch it together. The black bias tape doesn't match exactly, but it is inside so it won't matter. (Small fix #2)

This denim shirt was great but it didn't lay flat down the front. The shirt would gape between the second and third buttons. Button down shirts always seem to do this to me. The only fix that works for me is to make a few stitches over the existing seam. I have to pull it over my head like to get it on but it looks much better and I am more comfortable.
A safety pin would fix this too, but I would rather make a permanent fix. (Small fix #3)

OK, everything is fixed and/or corrected.. I love the skirt. I need 10 more. I like pencil skirts but I really love full skirts with a defined waist. They work so much better for me. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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