Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Paddy's Day

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day everyone. Or St. Paddy's Day, whichever you prefer. I hope it is a good day for you. I found a cute little video about the origins of the holiday and who St. Patrick was. My kids loved it.

 I had this shirt that was perfect for the day but I thought it was bit plain and boxy. 
I decided to try and dress it up.

                      Boxy T-shirt.                            Old picture of boxy shirt and big pants.

I cut a little hole in the inside of the edge of the sleeve. The way it is folded over and stitched down when it's made leaves a tube around the sleeve. I threaded elastic through the "tube" on the sleeves. I thought it would draw the sleeve ends in and make it look like a ruffle. 

I tied a knot to connect the elastic and tried to make it smaller without being too tight. This took a few try-ons. 

Here is the sleeve. It looked a little better to me so I did the other sleeve the same way. It was quick and easy.

I wanted to dress up the bottom edge of the shirt too. I found a large supply of thin lace in my stash of sewing stuff. I am not sure where it came from. I attached it right on top of the seam at the bottom of the shirt. The hem was a handy guide to keep the lace even around the whole shirt.

The lace made a nice trim at the bottom of the shirt. This was quick and easy too.

That's it for today. It was a short project and post in preparation for St Patrick's Day with the family. We do a combination of weird, silly, Irish, and non-Irish traditions. (Including, but not limited to,  Luck Charms cereal, corn-beef and cabbage, and green everywhere. A leprechaun might visit our house and play tricks. We'll see.)

Thanks for reading, go make something fun & green for yourself.

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