Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sweater Expansion

Hello Readers. It is cold and windy here, it's like Winter is back. To stay warm I decided to fix this warm, cozy red sweater. It was my husband's sweater but it shrunk in the wash. Oops! (Laundry accidents happen right?)

It got too small for him and it was a little small at the waist for me. It bunched up around my waist instead of fitting over my hips. It felt bulky and uncomfortable when I wore it. I decided to try and make it a little bit larger around the waistband.

I made two cuts in the sweater. One on each side, following the side seam straight up the side of the sweater. I measured to make sure that each side had an opening the same length. I didn't remove any of the sweater, I just cut a slit up each side. 

These cuts are about 12cm.

I wanted to use this gray silk blouse. I have had it for ages, it was too small. I have kept it for quite a while waiting for a way to use it.

I ironed the sides a little before I measured and cut them.

I used the ruler to cut two triangles from the sides of the blouse. I made the triangles about a half inch larger than the openings in the sweater to allow for the seam allowance.

Here are my triangles, I made them about 8 inches wide. They are going to make the waistband wider and give the sweater a peplum shape. At least I hope so anyway. I used my machine to attach the pieces, it was easy sewing.

Do these look like shark teeth or is it just me?

Here is my finished sweater. It isn't dramatically different from the front. The gray pieces on the sides are light and make the sweater larger but not bulky. It was comfortable and looser around the hips, that was what I wanted. 

Here is a better shot of the new peplum shape. I like the gray and red together, it's a nice combination.

I had no photographer this day so I resorted to a selfie.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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