Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Dyed Velvet Skirt

Hello Readers. This post is about a great skirt. It didn't start out great but it became great. It doesn't even look like the same skirt in the pictures below, but I promise it really is. Read on and see for yourself.

I can't remember how this tan Eddie Bauer velvet-like skirt even came to be in my stash but I have had it for a while. It was in great shape but it was too big and too long. The color isn't very exciting but tan is a great classic color. I already have a tan skirt and I don't need or want a second one.

My first step was to cut off the bottom of this skirt. I knew I wanted to shorten it so I cut off quite a bit to get the extra fabric out of my way. 

Can you spot the dog paw?

My second step in this refashion was to cook up a dye bath. I love Rit dye. You can use it in the washing machine if you have a top loading machine. I have a front loader, so my skirt needs to sit in a bucket of hot water and dye. I chose dark brown because it will cover this tan color and I don't have a brown skirt.
 I followed the directions on the bottle as closely as I follow any directions. (I don't like being told what to do. "Your not the boss of me!")

I had to stir the skirt around continuously for 10-15 minutes. I got a little too forceful with my stirring and this little mess happened. Oops! I was terrified that I got it in my hair but I was OK. 
Stir gently but continuously. 

Here is my skirt after two washes to get rid of the excess dye. I lightened the picture up a little so you can see the stitching didn't take the dye and it is a nice contrast to the dark brown color.

I took a little off each side and gave it a new hem. It didn't fray at all, I think I could have left the hem as a raw cut but I wanted it to look more finished.

I love this skirt,  it is stretchy and soft and it reminds me of chocolate.

It is perfect for one of my favorite hobbies. Eating chocolate cake! Mmm...

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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