Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black Pants 3.0

Hello Readers. I have been working on a mini-series of black pants. This is the last of the three pairs. I also added this sweater top to complete the look.

 Thanks to hand-me-downs, I had 3 pairs of black pants that were waiting for makeovers. This pair of pants had really cool buttons on the front. The legs are just not working. It's laughable how long these are on me. They were a hand-me-down from my tall daughter. I wanted to make them work for me so read on.

I had a plan to make this pair of pants into a skirt. I have seen a few people make skirts from pants and I always wanted to try it. I cut the center seam between the legs and pinned the front legs together, and then the back legs. It made a long tube-like skirt. I also took the waist in a little so it would sit higher on my hips. I used my dress form to do all my pinning.

When I was done with all the pinning, I did all my sewing and cut the skirt to the length I wanted. I did a quick hem on the skirt. You can see below where the pant legs would have been at the bottom.

 I had a nice straight skirt. I replaced the black buttons with white for a fun contrast. I started to feel a vintage or retro vibe start to happen and just went with it.

I had this light weight sweater on my refashion rack and I thought the white buttons on the skirt would play off the white circle pattern on the shirt nicely.

I took the cuffs off the wrists and shortened the arms about 6 inches.I wanted a 3/4 length sleeve. I reattached the cuffs, they are too cute to leave off.

I also took in the sides just a bit so I could tuck it in the skirt I didn't want the sweater to be bulky or lumpy under my skirt..

I finished everything and wore it to church. It is a little retro looking without being too much of a costume.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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