Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Jumpsuit of Possibilities

Hello Readers. Maybe, just maybe, Spring is here. To go out in the warm sunny weather I am going to need some tops that fit. That is what I made with this black jumpsuit. I got it from a clothes swap. The top half of it was in great shape, but the lower half had some worn areas. How did it get more worn on the bottom? I don't understand. It's all one piece. No one could have worn the legs more often than the top. But the fabric was piling in some spots.

It was super comfortable. It was like wearing pajamas. But there was a small problem with the length as you can see below. It is also a bit too full cut for my short legs. 

I could have made it shorter and more narrow. I didn't because it had some roughed up spots on the legs and I didn't want them to show. Pants or shorts wouldn't work.

I thought about making it a dress. I cut open the inseam of the pant legs and saw that there was no way to cover the bad spots. Ugh!

This was going to be a top. It was strapless and I don't like bear shoulders. With "help" from K.C. the Wonder Dog, I cut the top half of the jumpsuit off the legs. I used some of the leg fabric to make two narrow tubes too use as straps. 

I attached the straps and used my machine to sew them on.

It was perfect for a trip to an outdoor antique fair. I got some sun. It is roomy and comfortable. Great top for warm weather. 

Thank you for reading this post and happy sewing to you.

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