Thursday, April 21, 2016

An Old Dress Gets a Makeover

Hello Readers. Today I am showing you one of my daughters projects. While she lets me show her work, she doesn't like to show her face. Here is her dress makeover. She found this dress at a thrift store and liked the light weight, breezy fabric. The colors were a bit blah, but she thought she could dye it and bring it back to life.

It is a little faded and the beige is really unexciting. 

She wanted a light pink but couldn't find any light pink dye at the store. She used magenta and thought if she only left the dress in the dye for a few minutes, it would be light pink. That's not how it turned out. She looked like a magenta cartoon character. We do not have a photo, sorry.

She went back to the store and bought some of this color remover. Would it work? It did!

She also decided that a calm neutral color like navy blue would be a much better choice than pink. And the dark blue would cover any bit of magenta that may linger in the fabric.

The finished dress is much better. It always fit great, but now it is a nice fresh shade of blue.
 (If only it was warm enough for a light cotton dress. She was freezing in these pictures.) 

We found it strange that the thread at the seams stayed white but the buttons took the dye very well. She really likes the contrasting color of the white stitching. This dress got a nice refreshing color change, now it is really cute.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


DressUpNotDown said...

Thread doesn't usually take dye due to being polyester. There is cotton (and silk) thread, but it isn't usually used on RTW because it isn't as strong/starts to break down faster.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi JJ. I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. Thanks for the comment.