Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Perfect Fit

Hello Readers. Today is rainy and only good for hanging out in pj's and sewing. (In my opinion.) Let's get to work. I like to refashion clothes and I also like to make clothes fit well. I am pretty short so most things need adjustment here or there to fit me nicely.

I had these two shirts. (Thanks Mom!) They are exactly alike except for color. I like them both. They fit well through the shoulders and chest but the body is a little loose and shapeless. That is usually how it works for me. 

I have a standard way to take in the middle section. I try it on and decide how much to take in the sides. I measure and mark the mid point between the bottom and the under arm seam. This needs to be the narrowest part of the shirt. Don't make it too narrow, it won't fit over your head.

I sew a curved seam without taking any from the chest or the bottom . I don't want it any tighter across the chest. I also want it to skim over my hips. It won't do that if I make the bottom tighter. This method doesn't always work for extra long tunic tops. It probably won't work for cropped tops either. I haven't tried it. I just had a baby and I am 43, cropped tops are not in my wardrobe. (It's OK. The little guy is worth it.) 

Here it is. It isn't a huge change, but it is more flattering and I don't look like I am carrying 20 extra pounds around my middle. 

Yes, I fixed the red one too. I wore it out when I met some friends. It appears to be a bullet hole next to my head. I'm not sure what went on at that coffee house before I got there.

This is how excited a new mom is to go out.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself. 

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