Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Black Cords That Were Made Of Steel

Hello Readers. I have a great pair of thick black corduroy pants here. (Thanks again, Becky!) I love them. They are warm and cozy in the winter. They could be perfect, but are too long and need to be taken in. 

These pants started as a boot cut style and I want a straight narrow leg when I am finished.

I made new seams down each side. I had no idea it would be so hard to sew through all this fabric. It was so thick and heavy. The waist was the worst and most difficult to sew. I have sewn through denim with no problems before. This was crazy. Are these pants steel re-enforced?

I broke a universal needle and then I bent a denim needle. I switched to a leather needle. I had to operate the machine with my hand, using the knob on the right side. I went very slowly and my needle survived the waistband. I finished the rest of the project using the foot pedal.

I liked the new fit but the length was still a problem. (My toes look weird here. I swear they are normal healthy toes.) I shortened them a few inches.

Here are my finished corduroy pants. I was happy with them once I got through the tough fabric. It was a fun challenge.

As always, thanks for reading. Go make something fabulous for yourself.

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