Friday, September 18, 2015

Take in the Pants

Hello Readers. Fall was just teasing us because it is really hot out there. Forget the sweaters and boots, we need light weight clothes to get through this day. That brings us to these pants that were handed down to me by a friend. (Thanks Becky!)

This is a nice pair of light weight, cropped, khaki pants. I liked the belt detail at the waist and the material is in great shape. They are perfect for a hot day. The only problem is the size. They were a little too big and one leg needs to be hemmed. 

I don't want to spend the time to actually take the seams out and then sew these pants back together. I am kind of a quick and sloppy seamstress. My plan is to sew down the outside of each leg and cut off the excess. It won't look professional on the inside but the outside will look just fine. Here is a picture of one side getting sewn. It's not that exciting but I figured a blog about sewing should have a picture of the actual sewing.

Actual Sewing!

Here is the one leg that needs to be hemmed up. It is coming undone. 

Here are the pants inside out. I cut the excess off with my trusty pinking shears AFTER I tried them on again to check my sizing. Skipping this step in the past has lead to refashion disaster.

Here I am all finished and headed out to run errands with my little guy. I have seen other blogs that include picture of cool places like concerts, restaurants, festivals, art shows and other exciting outings like that. I have to be honest and the true boring story is, I ran an errand for my older son and came home to let the baby nap. That's it. Sorry folks. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.


jenny_o said...

I'm enjoying your sensible refashions so much, as well as your wonderful sense of humour :) Please keep on writing!

And I love your reminder at the end of each post to make something ourselves - I need that push!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Jenny_o That is nice to hear.