Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Simple Plaid Shirt

Hello Readers. This project was very easy.

 I had this plaid shirt made of linen that I liked. It is light weight and the V neck is nice. It is about 100 degrees today and I thought about making it sleeveless.

When I looked inside I found a contrasting pattern. Now, I loved this shirt even more! It even had these little buttons and straps (Technical name to be researched later.) to hold the sleeves up. I couldn't cut them off.

This shirt fit through the shoulders but the body of it was too baggy. It made me look really thick through the middle. I just had a baby and I can look thick on my own, thanks though.

I took a little off each side by sewing from the under arm seam to the hem. I used the smallest stitches I could and cut the excess off with pinking shears to help with fraying. I have never worked with linen so I'm just making it up as I go along.

Here it is finished. It fits much better now. It isn't tight, just less baggy.

Keep reading to see an example of refashioning gone wrong.

 This classic khaki skirt was in great shape and it would have matched the plaid shirt SO well. It was a little too big. I sewed down each side to take it in.

I cut off the extra fabric like I usually do. 

Here it is finished and ready to wear. The seams and hem came together so well. I was so happy until I tried to put it on.

I got careless and didn't measure correctly and this skirt is WAY TO TIGHT! I couldn't even get into it. (So, obviously, no pics.) Oh, well. Thanks for reading, now go make yourself something fabulous. (In the correct size if possible.)

Anybody want a size 1 khaki skirt?

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