Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Short Arm Solution

Hello Readers. It is a beautiful day for a project. Cool weather arrived in my neck of the woods a couple days ago. It is lovely. This project started as a very well made shirt that didn't fit. (See the closing for a note about that snotty face. Yikes!)

Snotty face!

Here we are again at the dress form. She is so helpful, I should give her a name. Rhonda? The top is a little big through the mid-section, but there is more. 

Ugh! Why?? Why are the sleeves SO long. Actually, why are my arms SO short. I guess to match the legs. Looking at the sleeves, this is too much fabric. I could roll them up but I have another idea.

This top would be much more useful sleeveless. It could be worn alone in the summer and with another shirt when it's cool out. That's right. The sleeves are getting cut off. If you look closely, the arm holes are sewn three times. I'm sure they did it for decoration, but it also makes these arm holes really strong. I cut as close and carefully as I could. It won't be able to fray much at all with that stitching to hold it together.

Here it is tied in the front. The arm holes look great and the tie cinches it in through the middle. I could take it in but this was a quick no-sew project.

I didn't think those pictures gave you a good look at the top so at the end of a long day I had the staff photographer (hubby) take some pictures in his studio (our basement). I was tired and immediately bored and this snotty face is the result. Resting Nasty Face, sorry folks.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself. (Or take a nap if you need to.)

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