Thursday, April 14, 2016

Poncho Problems

Hello Readers. I wanted to show you this simple fix for a turtleneck poncho. One of my wonderful sisters-in-law passed this poncho down to me. (Thanks J!) It is warm and cozy but the neck made me feel like this. I don't like turtlenecks of any kind. It's like they want to strangle me. But I loved this sweater and it's (STILL!) cold out there.

I decided to try to make the turtleneck into a big collar. I wasn't sure it would work. If it didn't I was going to remove the whole thing. I found the middle in the front and used the knit lines as a guide. Would it fray and become a terrible mess? No, it actually looked great.

It had a seam around the neck hole and I didn't cut through that. It helps the poncho hold its shape. If I cut through it it would stretch out and slide off my shoulders. It looks a bit lopsided in the photo, I moved my arms back and shifted the poncho around. It is even and still nice and warm.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


  1. Turtlenecks are something I avoid at all costs due to the strangling thing. It's a real thing! :)

    I am intrigued that the cut edge didn't ravel. I wonder what will happen when it is washed? A zigzag over the edge wouldn't be hard to do, I think. Or a piece of bias tape? It definitely looks good as a collar instead of a tube.

    1. Hello Jenny_o. The poncho is dry clean only wool, so I have never "washed" it. It hasn't had any problems with unraveling yet. I am watching it to make sure it holds up over time.

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