Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dressember 2019; Dress 1

Hello Readers. It is time for Dressember. No, not December, Dressember. It is a month long event to raise money and awareness about human trafficking and modern day slavery. They estimate that there are currently 40 million victims worldwide. Dressember is an organization that works to fight these issues and help victims recover. 
One thing they do every year is a style challenge. The challenge is to wear dresses or ties all month as a way to raise awareness. All my refashions this month will be dresses in honor of Dressember. You can go to the Dressember website to learn more about the work they do.

This dress was an easy and surprising refashion for me. It started as a really unflattering denim dress. As a homeschool mom, (I homeschooled my kids from kindergarten to highschool graduation. Ask me anything!) I would call this "the homeschool mom special". It isn't doing anything good for me. Its a little baggy but really the problem is the length.

There is too much dress for my short height. It is in great condition and I liked the snaps down the front. I thought I would just take it in a little and shorten it. 

I did both of those things. I made it much shorter and took in the sides a little. Actually, I took the sides in a little too much. Well, a lot too much.

When I was done I realized it was too tight. When I tried it on I found that I really liked it as a long open vest. It was a great layering piece in cold weather. What a happy accident!

An extra layer is especially nice when you are wearing dresses all month in the cold! I didn't hem it. I want that natural denim fray along the hem.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself!


Unknown said...

I love it. I always wear button dresses open. I love having another use for a dress

KD said...

Sometimes the unexpected (a cutting or sewing mistake, or a newly discovered stain or flaw) leads to a stylish outcome that you otherwise would not have planned or achieved. Congratulations on your stylish mistake!

I Can Work With That said...

Thank you both for the comments. I am loving my "mistake" dress.
Happy sewing to you!