Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dressember 2019; Dress 5

Hello Readers. It's time for the 5th dress in my Dressember series. Dressember is a non-profit that fights to prevent human trafficking and forced labor around the world. They partner with other organizations to rescue victims and provide after-care and vocational training. They have raised over a million dollars so far this month and the month is not over yet. Go to to learn more about them and how donation money is spent.

Today's dress is very casual and comfortable. It started as a man's t-shirt. I tried to find the longest shirt I had in my refashion stash. (Spoiler Alert: It was not as long as I thought.)
Why am I making this stupid face? I have no answer.
I also had a blouse that looked a little like modern art to me. I loved the bright colors and shapes.

Here is the big comfy t-shirt. It is a bright beautiful blue. But it is not flattering or attractive like this.

I traced a t-shirt that I liked to get a good fit. I flared the sides out to make an A-line skirt.

I had a simple dress shape I could wear.

It was fast and easy project that made the shirt into something totally different. It was suddenly so much more feminine.

Now about that blouse. It was so soft and light I couldn't hold it up correctly to show it's shape. It was a great color match for the blue mini-dress I just made.

Here is a better look at the blouse. It was a criss-cross front. It was too baggy so I did the fastest and easiest refashion in the world. I gathered the front together with a ponytail holder. That pulled the sides in and made the blouse fit so much better.

I tucked the extra fabric up and inside the blouse and I was done!

This dress was really pretty short so I wore it with leggings. 

Thanks for reading along now go make something fun for yourself.


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