Friday, May 17, 2019

Why Not White Jeans?

Hello Readers. I found some beautiful white jeans from Banana Republic at a clothes swap. I was happy because the seemed like they had never been worn. I like the look of white denim but I would never buy white jeans and I would never buy them from Banana Republic. I will happily take them for free though.

Why not buy them you ask? Because of these 2 rascals right here. Combined they are a sweet 200 lbs of mess and mud.White clothes are going to get dirty quick so I wouldn't spend money on them. (And Banana Republic is fabulous but a little too spendy for me.) So what a treat to find these white jeans.

They are both watching a cat outside.

I also found this super-soft red and white striped shirt. It also looked to be in great condition and I thought it would be a bright fun spring outfit. If only the jeans fit a little better and the top didn't make me look 4 months pregnant. Loose flowy tops can be difficult for me to wear. This faux pregnancy look is usually what happens.

Tunics are not my friend.

It is warm enough for short sleeves so I made those and hemmed the edges under. I also took in the sides of the shirt. I made it a little smaller and tried it on to see how it looked.

I made the jeans fit a little better. I thought I would want to keep the straight legs you see in the picture below but when I tried them on I changed my mind and went for skinny jeans. I usually try things on and even wear them for a day to see if I like them. I decide to change things quite often.

I liked the jeans but after wearing this top for a day I wasn't sure about it. I liked it tucked in but it was still so long, there was a lot to tuck.

I decided to shorten all the way around, leaving 2 long pieces in the front. I tied a  little knot it in the front. It gave it a more casual vibe.

***   BONUS TRACK   ***
My daughter had 2 seersucker items in the same fabric and felt like it was too much.  People might think she had some weird seersucker obsession.

She bought some gray dye. And...

It changed the look of the skirt enough that she was happy.

So, no seersucker obsessions, but we might be obsessed with dye.
Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 *Year end update- I still love these white jeans. They are one of my favorites.

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