Friday, July 6, 2018

T-shirt Mania 4; The Tank Top

Hello Readers. This week was the week of the Fourth of July and all around the U.S. there were fireworks, barbecues, parades, and of course the red, white, and blue. The holiday and a couple of free red t-shirts directed this whole outfit.

The red shirt was yet another freebie from the rec center. It seemed to be from a soccer event. I didn't want the white design on my shirt, but a red shirt would look great with those shorts.
I cut the neckbands and the sleeves off the 2 shirts.

I also cut the fronts and backs apart. I was going to connect the backs together to make one sleeveless red shirt.

 I adjusted the neckline a little and I was done.

These shorts had the colors of the July 4th holiday. They were really nice. My daughter gave them to me because they were too big for her. They were too big for me too. The length was great but they needed to be a little smaller around.

I made new side seams several times to get the size just right. I wanted them less baggy but I didn't want them so tight that they would be uncomfortable.There was no stretch in this fabric so I had to get the fit just right.

 I thought this lightweight little gray jacket was nice but it was so long on me. The front was much longer than the back. Was it supposed to hang down to my knees in the front? It seemed to have big pockets on the front but I couldn't even reach them without picking up that side of the jacket. It just didn't fit well.

 I decided to cut the jacket the same length all the way around. I started in the back since it was the shortest and used a yard stick to keep it all even. That left a small piece of the pocket on each side. I cut that off as well. When I was done it was like they were never there.

The little jacket is shorter but still loose and drapes nicely over the more fitted red shirt. I can also tie it in the front if I want. I like how the whole outfit turned out together.

This is a busy week, you might be watching the World Cup too. Whatever you are doing, I hope you have some fun.

*Year end update- I love all these pieces and wore them all summer.

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