Friday, July 13, 2018

T-shirt Mania 6; The Giant Purple One

Hello Readers. This is the last of the t-shirts for a while. I am glad I was able to get through them and clear some space in my sewing area. For the last of all the t-shirts I refashioned this giant purple shirt.
This is the only one I really didn't like.

The shirt looks pink here but it is more of a fushia/purple.

This shirt was SO super soft. That was really all it had going for it. It was too big and baggy and shapeless. It wasn't fancy, but I was sure I could rework it and make it more attractive.
And I hoped, less low cut in the front. 

 I cut off the edge of the V-neck, but not the seam. That was easy.

I added some bias tape at the neckline. I thought it would break up all that bright purple and dress the shirt up a little.  I made a loop in front to make it more interesting.

This all turned out to be a big mistake. The bias tape was too thick and heavy. The thin knit of the shirt didn't go well with the heavy trim. It made the neck very stiff and ruined the soft relaxed feel of the t-shirt. 
I hated it.

***   PART 2   ***
I knew I would never want to wear it. I admit I was a little frustrated. (ANGRY!) And I cut the entire neckline with the trim off. I cut the seam out of what was left of the shoulder (But left the sleeve intact.) and tied a little knot at the shoulder to again raise the neckline. I cut the shirt up in haste and now the head hole was way too big again. 

I decided to let this t-shirt spend it's life as a beat-up exercise shirt. It was soft enough that it would be a good match with soft leggings when I am working out. (Reality Check - Walking at a moderate pace like every other mom out there.)

Thanks for reading along today, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This shirt was fine for exercise. It wasn't a great refashion success.

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