Friday, February 16, 2018

The Ribbon Tie Sweater

Hello Readers. How do you feel about boring clothes? I tend to like to add something to plain clothes. I like to add something fun when I see my clothes are just too bland. The blue sweater I had needed some excitement. I get many ideas from Pinterest and this is one of them.

Check out my sweater in it's original condition. It is a pretty color but otherwise it is really bland. It is shapeless and boring. I want to be warm but I also want to wear fun clothes that don't put me to sleep. Surely I could do something fun with this sweater.

I used some gray satin ribbon. It was 2-3 inches wide.
I started by using my sewing machine to attach some ribbon to the bottom of the sweater. I pleated the ribbon as I was sewing so it would be gathered and ruffled. I didn't make it exact, I just pinched the ribbon as the machine did it's thing. The little ruffle at the bottom of the sweater made it more interesting, but it's still boxy and a little bulky looking.

I used some more gray ribbon to improve the shape of the sweater. It was quick and easy to attach the ribbon to the back of the sweater. I wanted it permanently attached so I used my sewing machine. I sewed on each side of the ribbon so it would be even.

I can tie the ribbon in a bow and pull the sweater in a little bit. I didn't need to alter the sweater, I just used this ribbon to cinch the waist. It was really easy way to change the look and shape of the sweater.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This is still a favorite sweater.

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