Friday, February 2, 2018

The Jeans That Scared My Child

Hello Readers. I saw a picture on Pinterest of some kid jeans mended at the knees with little monster faces a long time ago. I thought they were so cute. I have been waiting for my 2 year old to get some holes at the knees of his jeans so I could make these little monster jeans. That day had finally arrived! What a fun sewing project this would be! I was so excited to make these little monster jeans.
 It seemed like it would be fun but it was not going to end well Readers, not well at all.

I got the jeans and some scraps of material and I got to work. The red would be the inside of the little monster mouths and the white would be little teeth.  I happily stitched the red cloth and the white "teeth" into the jeans from the inside. I wanted to fill in the holes to keep his little knees covered and warm.

I got some black and white buttons and used them as eyes. My little monsters have a bit of an overbite, but I love them. They are so cute! All that was left was to give them to my little boy.
(Did I mention he is 2? He reacted as a typical 2 year old. He took one look at my project, made with love and he hated them. He hated them a lot.)

How could he hate these jeans? I made him try them on, thinking that when he got them on he would like them. NO! He started to take them off. I realized this whole project wasn't going to work out. I thought I would hang them in his room to look cute. I still had a little hope that this wasn't a huge waste of time and energy. My hopes were going to be crushed.

I later put him down for a nap and there was peace in the land. For about 5 minutes. Then there was screaming and crying. "The faces!" "I don't like the faces!" They were "looking" at him. He didn't like them looking at him. I had to take them away and hide them in my closet, I had to give him dozens of hugs and kisses and he eventually agreed to go to sleep.
So...I have some cute jeans with faces in a size 3T if anyone is interested.
Thanks for reading, now go make something fun, maybe not these jeans though.

*Year end update- Do I need to say it? My kid never got near these again. They are in my closet and he still hates them.


Unknown said...

Oh Chickie... I think they're adorable! I just wish I'd have come up with that idea for when my own boys were that size. Hopefully the little guy isn't too traumatized. Keep up the good work :)

jenny_o said...

This is hilarious, except not for your son or you :) I'm sorry it didn't work out, but what a great story for the future! He might like something like this when he gets to be 7 or 8 - whatever age kids start to like dinosaurs.

Or maybe he'll never like dinosaurs. Maybe you have ruined dinosaurs for him forever!! Maybe you two are even now :)

SJ Kurtz said...

Let me (as a mom of teens now) tell you what a wonderful thing you have made. Those are genius. My children are too big for those, but there is a kid who will see these and just whine until they get them.

garnet128 said...

So funny. The jeans are cute just apparently not to a two year old

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment Rebecca. He has not seen the monsters again and seems OK now. I will keep them hidden just to stay safe.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi jenny_o
You're right he might be scared forever, of the faces his mom made him. Oops! Hopefully he gets over it eventually.

I Can Work With That said...

Hello SJ, Thanks for the comment. You're right, some child somewhere really wants these. Just not mine. Oh, well.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi garnet128,
Thanks for the comment. It is impossible to predict 2 year old tastes right? haha