Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Total Eclipse Shirt

Hello Readers. If you are in North America you have heard all about the eclipse. Almost everyone is suddenly eclipse-obsessed. It was perfect timing for me because I was under the weather and was home with most of my family to see the whole thing.
 (One of my big kids drove 7 hours to see the total darkness. So, yea, we got into it.)
I was challenged by someone to make an eclipse outfit and made a quick T-shirt for the occasion. I forgot a before picture of the big red shirt and used this old picture of me making the worst nasty face ever. Yikes! I look like I am asking to see your manager please.

This cranky face will NOT win friends or influence people.

Let's move on to the project. I spread the big men's shirt out so I could see the side. The front of the shirt is on the right in the picture below. I cut straight across the front and ended the cut high in the middle of the back. I wanted a loose fit for this shirt but the length needed to be shorter.

Here is the back of the shirt, I cut straight up the middle to open the entire back.

It was at this point I saw the cut I made in the sheets of my bed where I had been working. Oops!

I overlapped the two sides in the back. This made the shirt smaller and covered all the skin in the back. You can adjust the fit anyway you like. I pulled mine closed and pinned it in a good place for me. I stitched it down inside so it looks like a wrap top but can't blow open. I also stitched over the seams around the neck to connect the pieces together smoothly.
The shirt is open at the bottom around the hips so it glides over the body and doesn't bunch up.

I started making little yellow suns with acrylic paint around the neck with a round sponge brush. The center is missing because the sun is going to be covered by the moon. I tried to paint heavy because it will fade in the wash a bit.

 I used the round brush and black paint to suggest the moon. I also used a tiny brush to paint the corona around the moon in the center.
These are a little vague and just suggest the sun and moon. I wasn't trying to be perfect or scientifically accurate. This is just a fun addition to the project, I am not turning this into NASA or anything. 

When I was done I got this loose fit shirt. Even with my arms up my tummy is covered, I like it that way. The fit and size are all adjustable based on how much you cut off and how you stitch it back together. I like knowing the yellow spots are suns, but they are not overwhelming.

If you were able to view the eclipse, I hope it was amazing. I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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