Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In The Navy

Hello Readers. I know when you read that title you started humming the song by the Village People from 1979. Why do these random songs from the past pop up in my head? Be careful what you listen to when you are young, it will be stuck in your brain forever.
But let's talk about clothes, right? I had these two navy pieces on my rack of stuff to refashion for quite a while. They didn't officially belong together but I liked how they looked together. They both had a fine pinstripe that I liked. 
You can see from the picture below, they were a little too big.

The shirt was too large but I liked the loose, blousy look of it. The skirt was to big around the waist too.  But in my mind I could see it with a fitted waist and a full 50's style skirt.

I decided to remove the sleeves completely. They were too long and it is August. Sleeveless sounded more comfortable than short sleeves. It is a woven, so its going to fray, I will have to fix that.

I cut the sleeves off an left about 1/2 an inch to fold under and stitch down. I used the sleeve hole as a guide. I didn't want to make it complicated, I just folded the cut edge under and stitched it down. Twice, because I missed a couple spots the first time. (It's OK, no one and nothing is perfect.)

The skirt was easy. I just took a little off each side. There were box pleats in the front and back. I didn't want to change them. I just did my work along the side seams where it would blend in. This is a poly-blend knit. It wont fray.

I love the finished look. It had a vintage vibe that I liked. I had a BIG cup of tea and went to church. When I got home the shirt was great with shorts too. 

Giant mug of caffeine.                 Casual afternoon doing nothing.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


Cathi said...

These turned out great and look perfect together. I love those easy refashions that are also very wearable. Nice work!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Cathi! I agree 100%. Simple is better for me.
Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Great pairing! I have a denim shirt that I hardly ever wear, I might now make it into a waistcoat/vest for summer! Thank you! Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks, the sleeveless shirt was much better for summer. It is very hot where I live.