Thursday, August 10, 2017

Around the house

Hello Readers. Sometimes (Very often!) I have to stop sewing and take care of things around the house or the mess and clutter get out of control. I have been reorganizing my bedroom and bathroom recently because my toddler is able to reach higher, grab things and run away faster. It is causing more and more chaos. One thing he liked to try and get into was jewelry on my dresser. I understand it. It is shiny and sparkly. I had to find a way to put it away but still be able to see it all and get to it. 

I like to get eggs fresh from the farm, but that is not always possible. I was shopping at the grocery store. I also happened to buy these eggs around the same time. (I don't know Pete and Gerry, but they make a pretty decent egg.) 

I opened the clear carton and found this 3 sided design made to protect my eggs. The paper label came right off. Look at all those little compartments. 

The egg cartons reminded me of the organizers I had seen at Target the week before. I liked the clear plastic and shallow spaces to organize earrings and bracelets. Or whatever you want to organize.

Y'all know by now I am too cheap to buy these plastic boxes.

I ate all the eggs (Not all at once!) and washed the cartons well. I didn't want Salmonella poisoning.   

And here is a peek into the top drawer of my dresser. It isn't super valuable jewelry. (I am not the Queen of England.) But all my earrings and bracelets are easy to pick out of I want to wear them.

Black fabric underneath makes things stand out.

The egg cartons are nice because you can use them in so many ways. Organize all your desk drawers. And you are probably going to buy eggs again soon anyway, right?


I needed some extra storage in the bathroom for all this mess. 

I bought a few cute storage boxes. 

They had a flip top that looked a bit like an envelope. I used hot glue to secure that little angled front edge down. And I put thick felt pads on the front. 

I then set the box up on its front. I glued one box on top of the first.

The lids are on the front and swing up to open and reveal the shelf inside.

I glued a third box on top of the second and left the opening on the top so I could open the lid up. It looks sort of like a mini dresser. I can fit make-up, lotions, creams, potions...... They are stacked to save room on the bathroom counter.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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