Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Goonies Shirt

Hello Readers. This red Goonies shirt came my way recently.  Do you remember "The Goonies"? I was a kid in the 80's and I saw this movie in the theater. (That was the only place to see movies back then.) I couldn't remember the entire movie but I knew I liked it. The rag-tag group of kids were loud and obnoxious and they save the day in the end. I couldn't recall all the details but they went to find a treasure and had an exciting adventure on the way. Every kid likes movies like that, right?

The shirt was big on me. I guess I could have saved it as a night shirt but I wanted to wear it during the day as a shirt. It would need to be altered. I was feeling some nostalgia for the 80's and I didn't want to hide the shirt away. I wanted to wear it in public.

I used a shirt I liked as a guide and marked the arms and sides. I liked the loose fit of the white shirt and I liked the rounded hem at the bottom. I could copy it with this red shirt. I used my sewing machine and made a smaller shirt with the shape I wanted. I just traced the white shirt and cut it out. I connected the sides and arms and I was done.

I wore this shirt for one of my favorite activities. It was to pick up some Chinese take-out for dinner. My favorite food? Take-out. I have no strength to resist the fried rice. I am weak.

I came home and put in the DVD I had stashed away in the cabinet. It's dinner and a movie without any cooking for me this night. 

The shirt is loose and flowy which is nice in the heat. The neck and shoulders fit well so it doesn't look like a night shirt anymore.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.
And remember, Goonies never say die.


Sheila said...

Love it. Did you set the sleeves back into the shirt, or just cut around the white shirt and sew it together. I always have problems getting the sleeves to look the way I want.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi Sheils. I didn't remove and the reattach the sleeves. I just cut a T shape/dolman sleeve and hoped the sleeves would be loose enough to fit well. It worked great.