Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shorter Flowers

Hello Readers. How are you today? I did a simple dress refashion recently. I found this great floral dress at a clothes swap. It fit perfectly and I liked the little cap sleeves. There was no problem except for the length. It was SO long on me. Going shorter seemed like the way to go.

I made a big cut across the bottom of the dress. I was trying to pick a spot that would look good with the buttons down the front of the dress. I wanted it to look balanced and I wanted to leave a little plain fabric at the bottom of the dress beneath the buttons. 

I decided to make a lettuce leaf hem at the bottom. It is basically a zig-zag at the very edge of the fabric. You pull the fabric gently from both sides and you get a nice little ruffled edge when you're done.

Here is my ruffled edge. It has a nice look. You don't need to fold the fabric under so you don't lose any of the length.

I wore this to church but I also wore it in the backyard. You can see I was photobombed by a cute little guy. I also played in our deluxe backyard pool.(Just kidding, it's pretty low budget.) But this dress is very versatile.

Is my child playing outside in his pj's? Yes, he is.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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