Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cow Appreciation Day

Hello Readers. How are you? Today is a fun day at my house. It's Cow Appreciation Day. It is not a big deal to everyone but it is to me. One day a year ChickFilA gives away free food to anyone who shows up in a cow costume. I have been doing this for many years, ever since my older kids were little. They liked dressing up as a cow when they were kids, and they liked going out to eat, and they liked waffle fries.

(ChickFilA didn't pay me for this post. They don't even know me. I just like chicken.)

I had a cow costume so, I was ready. My little guy needs something to wear. My daughter gave me this commemorative shirt for this years Cow Appreciation Day. I decided to use it for my little guys costume.

I tried to trace his body onto the shirt. I bribed him with M&Ms to get him to hold still. This plan backfired, the candy made him silly and full of manic energy. He was unable to hold still.

I tried a second idea. I used some clothes as a pattern. This is a costume to wear for fun so I am not worried about a perfect fit. I just need a basic costume for a 2 year old.

Here is his suit. It looks a lot like pajamas. That is OK, he is 2. As long as he gets to eat french fries, he will be happy. I stitched this suit together on my machine. It was very simple and quick. Now that I sewed it closed, how am I going to get him in and out of it? I had an idea for that.

I cut a 5 inch slit down the back of the suit. It made the head hole open up so I can get my toddler in his suit. I turned the edges under and that pulled the sides closer when I buttoned it. Pulling the sides together made the top a little smaller and helped the fit.

Here is the finished suit. It is perfect for the occasion. You are wondering why I didn't show it on my son right?

Well, here is a quick view of my attempt at a photo shoot with my active 2 year old son. He just wasn't having it. It didn't seem worth fighting about.

My costume is made of cotton sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt. I cut up a men's undershirt for the white spots. I used pink felt for the udders. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself. 


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