Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Blue and White China Dress

Hello Readers. When I saw this dress at a clothes swap I took it based on color alone. I love blue and white together. When I got home I realized it was way too big. Since I already had it on the refashion rack, I wanted to do something with it. 
I am serious when I say I love blue and white. The dress reminded me of some dishes. These shelves are in my kitchen. Blue and white is such a classic combination, but we should get back to the dress shouldn't we?

I used the widest parts (not the narrow elastic waist) of a dress I liked as a size guide and marked the fabric with a pencil. I used my sewing machine to make new side seams and narrow the arms a little too. I didn't change the style or shape of the dress at all. I just made the arms and sides of the dress smaller. The hem and the ends of the sleeves have the nice darker blue design, it would be a shame to remove any of it.

I liked the design so much I didn't shorten it at all. And long sleeves and a long skirt are handy and will cover my poison ivy nicely. (Yes, I still have poison ivy after 6+ weeks. It's crazy.)

This dress is basically straight up and down the sides. It doesn't have an elastic waist like the dress I used as a size guide so I added a belt to cinch in the waist. It was chilly the morning I wore this so I also added a sweater to go to church. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.
And avoid poison ivy if you can!


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Thanks Tami!

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Wow, what a cute refashion! It looks great on you too :)

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Thanks for reading and commenting Queen Of Rods!