Thursday, September 15, 2016

The White Lace Skirt

Hello Readers. I hope you are doing well. I am slowly getting over a nasty case of poison ivy. There are downsides to rural living. This is definitely one of them. I love not having traffic jams but the poison ivy is enough to make me move back to the big city.
 I was given this skirt. My daughter passed it on to me and I think she got it from a friend. Where ever it came from I thought it was really pretty. And it would cover the ugly poison ivy on my legs. The only problem was it was a bit big. It said size XS but it was really loose and shapeless on me. It is meant to be long and full but this was a little too full. The waist hung very low and that made the whole skirt almost drag on the ground.

It just needs to be taken in a little but it is such an open lace that I wasn't sure I could take it in. Some of the lace is so open it's not even there. How could I sew through that? I would need to use something to stabilize it. It had a lining built in, so really it is two skirts. And that got me thinking, could I use the under skirt to stabilize the lace skirt? Well, I could try.

I turned it inside out and made sure both skirts were smooth and flat. I moved the side seam in about an inch and sewed right through both skirts. This means they will be connected on the sides. What would that look like? I was going to find out very soon.

Here is the skirt inside out after sewing. The extra fabric got cut off. This is all acrylic knit so there will be no fraying to worry about.

You can see the side view here. It came out great. The outer skirt is still nice and full. The side seam didn't disturb the graduated sizes of the tiers. The waist fits now and the whole skirt fits much better. It is still nice and long but isn't dragging along the ground or tripping me up as I walk. I am quite clumsy, I need safe clothes that won't trip me up.

I wore it with long sleeves to cover up all the poison ivy, even though it was super hot that day. It would look great with a tank or a T shirt.
Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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