Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Blue Plaid Skirt

Hello Readers. How are you? Are you finding time to do some sewing? It can be difficult to fit it in. I have to leave my sewing machine out on a table and all my sewing supplies right next to it. If I had to get everything out each time I sewed, I would never get to it.
My project today is a skirt made from my husband's old button down shirt.

This was a great no-wrinkle shirt that he wore and wore until it was just too worn under the arms to keep wearing. He put it in the give away pile and I put it away until I came up with an idea to use it.

I cut it off right under the arms. The got rid of the worn spots. The placket down the front was a little worn too. I stitched the two front pieces together and now I had a tube shape. It's almost a skirt already. I will turn the shirt around and that new seam will be in the back. 

I also had these exercise pants. They were too small for me in the hips and legs. (Baby #3 has left his mark, if you know what I mean.) The waistband still fit so I had been saving them for a project just like this. I cut the waistband off and threw away the legs. 

I used pins to get the waistband centered on the top of the shirt. I put the right sides together and pinned it at the center of the front and back. I also pinned the sides. I did this so I knew how much space the fabric out as I sewed to distribute the blue fabric evenly along the black waistband.

I stretched the waistband as hard as I could and that made them the same size. I stitched them together and when I let the waistband go, it gathered the blue fabric evenly. Things don't always work that easily and you have to gather the fabric yourself as you sew. I used a zigzag stitch so it would have some give for putting on and off. I used white thread so you can see it in the picture. It is inside and no one will see it anyway.

Here is the skirt  as it came from the shirt. The hemline is a bit shorter on the sides because that is how the shirt was made. The front of the skirt is actually the back of the shirt so it is smooth and the seams are on the sides and in the back. 

I wore it on a short road trip. It was very comfortable and it never wrinkles. I think that's awesome because I hate to iron. 

Thanks for reading my blog post, now go make something fun for yourself.


Queen Of Rods said...

Great instructions; cute outcome :)

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Queen Of Rods!