Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Small" Black Floral Dress

Hello Readers. How is everyone today? Feel free to reply in the comments section below. I hope you are all well and happy. My project today is a pretty black floral dress that was handed down to me from a fabulous woman who was cleaning out her closet. (Thanks Sharon!) I love it when people do that. It helps me with my goal of not actually buying anything to refashion. I have cheated once or twice and gone to the thrift store but almost everything on this blog was free to me.

You can see from my face, something is wrong. This dress is a size small but it is still quite big. The arms are loose and baggy and so is the body of the dress. A loose dress can be nice in the summer heat but this is too much bagginess.

I tried it on and got an idea of what needed to be taken in. I wanted to leave that nice full skirt alone. I thought if the arms fit better the dress would look more appropriate on me. I pinned a new seam along the arms and sides. I moved the new seam in about an inch, and tapered it out at the waist.

Here is the finished dress. You can't see the little tie/belt/sash thing in the back. I just left it as it was. Cutting off the excess fabric caused some fraying inside. I really want a serger because it makes those kind of seams so nice and neat. But a zigzag stitch will control that crazy fraying.

I wore it out that night to get my hair done. This is the face of a woman that needs to get out more.

As always, thanks for reading.


jenny_o said...

I have a weakness for florals with a black background, so you can guess I love this refashion :) And, yes, I have noticed that almost everything you've worked on has been free to you - way to go! Imagine the amount you have saved from the landfill! And they have all turned out so very well. Win win for the win :)

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Jenny_o. I like black florals too. Pretty things are hard to resist.