Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How I Spent A Few Days Making A Skirt I Hate, From A Pair Of Jeans

Hello Readers. I had this pair of jeans in the refashion pile waiting to be made over. The jeans themselves were in good shape. They just didn't fit or flatter me in anyway.

 They are too low at the waist and way too long. Ridiculously, too long!

I decided to make a skirt out of them. I have seen other people make really cute denim skirts and I love anything made of denim. It seemed like a great idea. What could go wrong? I started by cutting the legs apart along the inside seam. That part was easy.

When I looked at the jeans at this point I started to lose my focus. I didn't like how the center seam curved to the right. I wasn't sure what to do.

I connected the legs at the center a sewed a new seam. I wasn't sure if this would work.

Here is the center seam from the back. I trimmed some of this off and then stitched it down so it would stay put. I was really not sure what I was doing at this point. This skirt seemed doomed.

I used the bottom of one leg to fill in the front of the skirt. I tried to keep my center seam straight and positioned the seam of the pant leg in place.

I pinned it in place so it wouldn't shift around. I used some thick gold thread to sew it together because that was the thread used in the original jeans. I thought it would make it more unified. I was honestly not sure of any of my decisions anymore.

Here is the finished front and back of this new skirt. It came out better than I thought it would.I trimmed the bottom to make all the pieces even and I stitched all the way around with the gold thread. Sitting here by itself it seems harmless. It looks so much better here than is does on me.

This style just doesn't work for me. It is too straight and narrow. It makes my upper body look like a huge gorilla or something. I can't figure it out, it's just off. I am passing this skirt on  ASAP!

I think this face pretty much sums up how I felt about these jeans before and after.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


Unknown said...

Your body is FINE! None of us, including the women in magazines, look like the women in magazines. Please stop denigrating your body in your posts. You are FINE! LOVELY! FINE!

I Can Work With That said...

Aww, thanks friend. I didn't think I was being down on myself just realistic about what 3 kids and 40+ years does to a woman. I think it's OK to be honest about how things change. I'm fine with my changing self. But I am sorry if you were bothered.

jenny_o said...

I love it when people post their un-successes and well as the things that turn out. It makes me feel braver about trying stuff.

I think the key to making an easy transformation from pants to skirt is to have the pants very large. That way you can just run the seam down the front and back and not have any gaps to fill in. Just guessing because I've never done one of these yet although I read a lot but I do have a very large pair of shorts in mind for this refashion! Wish me luck :)

I Can Work With That said...

I love to see the failures as well as the successes too. I mess up sometimes and it's nice to know I am not alone. Thanks for your comments.