Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day T-shirts

Hello Readers. Valentine's Day is tomorrow, at least when I am writing this. You might want to put together a quick shirt for the holiday for yourself or your kids. I have a couple ideas for that. To start you will need a t-shirt. Any old t-shirt will do.

This is definitely an old t-shirt. It has some paint spots on it and it has a logo. That is OK, it won't hurt our end result.

My shirt was black so I used a permanent black marker to color on the logo and make it less visible. It won't hide the logo completely but it will help hide it a little.

The next step involves acrylic paint and a paper doily. I put some thick paper inside the shirt so the paint won't bleed through to the back of the shirt. I put the doily on the front center of the shirt. I used a sponge to dab paint on top, all over, and a little outside of the doily.

Here is my paint. I wasn't completely happy with it at first. The paint in the left picture, looked like a monster face to me. I saw eyes and a mouth, maybe I am crazy...
I used a tiny brush to fill in some of the empty spots so I didn't see eyes anymore. 
Let the shirt dry for a few hours. I added a coat of pink on top of the red to help disguise the decal with a second coat and color of paint.

Here is my finished shirt. The decal doesn't show and the little spots of paint are blend in all the painting I did. It all works together.

I am not dressing up for Valentine's Day. My youngest is sick this week so I am going to look like this.

***The Candy Heart T-shirt
Now something for the kids. If you want to put together a fun shirt for a kid in time to wear tomorrow, here is an idea.
Grab a shirt. (This is for my son and the only plain shirt I could find was black.) I used a chalk pencil to sketch out a heart on the pocket. I want to paint a heart to look like one of those candies with a message on it.

I used some simple red acrylic paint and filled in the heart. I let it dry and added a second coat of paint. When the heart was totally dry I used some puffy paint in a squeeze tube to "write" on the heart. The heart was really small so the message was short. QT, like cutie, but shorter. If you want to write more make paint a bigger heart.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
  *Year end update-I really liked this shirt It is a little abstract. My son out-grew his shirt.

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