Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dresses For December Part 8, Using Dye

Hello Readers. 2017 is almost over and I am going to keep these dress refashions going until the end of the month in honor of Dressember. Dressember is an organization formed to fight human trafficking. You can go to their website to learn more about them.
 Today's dress just needed some dye to wake it up.
This is a basic cotton dress. It is shapeless and not suitable for winter at all. I have a plan for that though, don't worry. This dress is in good shape and it fit well but the colors have gotten a little dingy and dull. The white isn't a bright white anymore.
Making the dress a darker color will make it more appropriate for winter too.
I used some denim blue dye and my washing machine to dye this dress.
 I also added this sweater on top so I would be warmer. The sweater would help define waist to the dress.

This was easy, I love using dye. You add it to the washing machine and you get new clothes. The blue color makes this dress look like denim, a little more appropriate for the winter. The dress is comfortable and with the sweater and some tights, I will stay warm enough.

I was able to play outside with the little guy on his new slide. My neighbor was giving this slide away. We didn't have a swing-set to put it on so we put it on our deck. It is a lot of fun for the whole family.

This dirt at the bottom of the slide is my 2 year olds favorite toy.
It's all fun and games until someone can't handle the landing. That's me, graceful as a newborn deer. HA!

Thanks for reading, go make something fun for yourself.


Unknown said...

Great idea to use the dye and change to color. It’s a great redo!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much for the comment and for being a reader.