Friday, December 8, 2017

Dresses For December Part 3, Two Shirts or Not Two Shirts

Hello Readers. This is my third dress in honor of Dressember. You can go to and learn more about their to stop human trafficking. It is an international issue, and we can all help. I hope I can help by raising some awareness of the issue.
My dress refashion today started as 2 shirts. I put them together and got a cute, casual, and comfy dress to wear.
Here are my two shirts. One shirt is olive green and the other is a mix of olive green and off white. They were both nice and stretchy but neither fit me very well. The heathered green shirt fit well in the sleeves but the body was huge. It hung on me in a very pregnant way. I am not pregnant so I didn't like how this shirt looked. The solid green shirt was too tight across the chest and I couldn't wear it at all.
Here is the olive shirt up close. It has some elastic in the front and the back. I thought the lower part of this shirt would be loose enough to make a skirt, so that is what I started to do. I cut off the sleeves and shoulders above the elastic. I wanted to save the elastic and use it in my new dress.
You can see in the photo below what I removed from the light colored shirt. I left the sleeves alone and made the body a little more narrow. I also cut off some length so it would bunch up under the skirt. The elastic that was already in the dark shirt acts as a kind of waistband. I stitched on top of it when I connected the 2 shirts. I used a zigzag stitch to keep some of that stretch in the waist.
I really liked how this dress turned out (It just needed a cami under that low scoop neck.) and I love a stretchy knit. Casual and comfortable is always the best feeling.
Thanks for reading, and happy sewing to you.

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