Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dresses For December Part 6, Shrunken Lace

Hello Readers. This month of dress refashions has really been fun so far. I wanted to focus on dresses in honor of Dressember. Dressember is an organization that works to fight human trafficking and rescue and rehabilitate victims. They estimate there are 30 million victims worldwide. It's a huge issue, you can go to to learn more about what they do.
My dress refashion today was a simple one. Sometimes a piece of clothing just needs a little help to be great.
I started with this nice burgundy lace dress. It was a loose little shift dress. I liked it but the lace overlay had shrunk.

Look at the shrinkage! The dress was in nice condition but it looks pretty bad. I thought about making the lining shorter. It would have become a VERY short dress. I decided to try and add some length to the dress instead.

I ordered some black lace from and attached it onto the bottom of the dress. It was a fast way to add some length. I would have liked to add burgundy lace, unfortunately I couldn't find a matching shade. I thought black matches everything so I went with it. Navy blue or gray would have worked too.

The sleeves of this dress were much too long on me. They were loose bell sleeves and I thought the way to make them fit would be to add elastic. I used very narrow elastic and added it to the seam that ran around the wrist. It doesn't show from the outside but it changed the shape of the sleeve.

This made a little ruffled cuff at the edge of the sleeve. The elastic is comfortable but keeps the sleeves up and out of my way.

The dress hasn't changed drastically but it fits better now and the lining is the right length too. I think this color would be great for winter.

Thanks for reading this short refashion story, and happy sewing to you.

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