Thursday, December 15, 2016

Save the Shrunken Sweater; Make Mittens!

Hello Readers. As I write this post we are getting cold, cold, super cold weather in from Siberia. At least that is what the weather forecast says. Cold air from Siberia is flowing through Canada and headed through the US. It makes me want to stay in and hide. But I can't do that. I decided to prepare for the cold weather by making some really warm mittens.

It started with this nice but severely shrunken sweater. It is even thicker then it used to be because it went through the washer and dryer. Oops! This might happen to you someday, don't throw it away. Make mittens!

This is a nice heavy LL Bean sweater made of wool and silk. It is going to keep me nice and warm even in extreme weather.

I used the waist of the sweater as my wristband. I sketched around my hand and left plenty of room for the seam allowance and my hand to fit comfortably.

I was able to get 2 mittens from the waist of the sweater and 2 more from the arms of the sweater. Double mittens! I also saved the larger pieces of the sweater to make a headband/ear warmer.

Here is all that is left of the sweater, just small scraps and the zipper.

I connected 4 square pieces and made a circle to fit around my head. One end is thinner so it fits around my head comfortably. (See the top picture.) I stitched the mittens together with the right sides facing each other and then just flipped them right side out.

I hope you are warm and cozy as you read this,

now go make something fun for yourself.

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