Thursday, December 8, 2016

Needed Neutrals

Hello Readers. I am always attracted to bright, fun colors and patterns when I do refashions. The problem is that those colors and patterns don't always go together. Everyone needs some simple neutrals that go with anything and everything. Keep reading to see this latest project.

My hubby had his studio set up in the basement so I got some professional looking pictures.

Well, this is a really unflattering picture. Nothing here is doing me any good. This sweater poncho was soft and cozy but it hung down over my hands when I was working and it is clearly boxy and shapeless. The corduroy pants fit at the waist but the loose boot cut isn't doing me any favors either. I am looking even shorter than normal.

Nice towel wrap huh?

If you look closely you can see two buttons that were attached to this poncho. I used them as my guide and cut a new shape. I left the arms big and square for a fun, loose shape. I cut out my new sweater and then got to sewing.

I used my machine and stitched the two sides together. I went over the edges with a zigzag stitch to cover the raw edges that were fraying a little. I basically sewed it all twice, once to connect the sides and once to stop the fraying. It took a few more minutes but it is really strong.

I made the legs of these pants more narrow. I didn't shorten them but they seem shorter now. Whenever I narrow something it makes them a different (shorter) length so, I always try to work on the length last. It was a quick and easy outfit makeover.

This is the same outfit with a new shape. I like the big arms of the new sweater.  Everything is so much more flattering now. It was not a drastic refashion, it was simple and quick....

It had to be quick because this little guy can get into trouble in just a few seconds. As you can see here, he is curious, and loves to climb. I can only sew at nap time because this guy doesn't stay still. He was so excited to get into this cabinet, I had to let him explore for a few minutes.

Everything we won't let him play with was hidden in this cabinet.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


Scratch and Stitch said...

Super cute! Much more flattering to your figure than the original.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Scratch and Stitch! It was a big improvement. :)