Friday, June 1, 2018

Refashioning a Men's Dress Shirt

Hello Readers. There are so many things you could make from a men's dress shirt. Here is one idea for you.

I started with this dress shirt my husband didn't want anymore. I like blue a lot so I took it. It was big and baggy so I had a lot of fabric to play with. A classic button-down shirt is always great but I wanted to make something more feminine with this blue shirt.

I cut the body out of the shirt. I wanted a smaller straight shape. I connected the sides and made a casing at the top for elastic. It sounds like a strapless top, but hold on, we're not done yet.

I also cut the lower half of the sleeves off too. I made a casing at the top of the sleeves and put elastic in it. Why did I do this? Because arm coverage is nice when you don't have any muscle definition in your arms. (Like really, I have none, but that's not your problem.)

I attached the sleeves to the body. It made a strapless off the shoulder top. I have told you before, I don't trust strapless tops very much. (Spoiler Alert: Gravity always wins.) I made some narrow straps from the extra sleeve fabric. I feel much better knowing that my shirt won't fall down.

I used my machine to attach the straps to the top of the shirt. Up until now I had thought of making a dress but I realized it was way too short. I could have kept this as a long tunic style shirt.

 Or I could shorten it to hip length.

As you can see I went shorter and made this shirt hip length. It would be a great shirt for warm sunny days. I haven't had any sun recently. It has been all clouds and rain.I know the sun will come out eventually, I am ready.

Thanks for reading this, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I still love this shirt. It's unlike any of my other shirts.It's not great for winter sp it is put away until warm weather returns.


  1. Just last week I was searching online for things to do with a men's shirt! You were reading my mind! - Dana

    1. Hi,
      Great minds think alike right? There are always tons of men's dress shirts at thrift stores. We need to use them up!
      Thanks for the comment!