Friday, June 15, 2018

In The Pink 3

Hello Readers. This is the third post in a series of pink clothes. This one involves another dress too. A gray dress that needed a little help.

Here is my gray dress. It is loose and light, perfect for summer. Except that it needs a shirt under it because it is cut so low. The thought of wearing a second shirt in the heat of summer is not always appealing to me. I want to cover this deep V with some fabric so I can just wear this dress by itself.

I had the scraps of this pink tunic. I had already cut the bottom hem off and saved it. I had the triangles from the sides leftover as well.

I attached the pink hem along the hem of this gray dress. It made it a bit longer and it also added a bit of weight to the skirt so it won't blow around easily in a summer breeze. Sometimes light weight summer fabrics are a little too light weight.
It is also a nice balance to the pink at the neckline I was going to put it next.

For the neckline I stitched a triangular shaped scrap closed on my machine. Then I turned the finished side out.

I pinned the pink triangle into the front of the gray dress. I made sure it was even and balanced and I made sure it was placed high enough to cover everything I wanted to cover. I had to hand sew the pink triangle into the gray dress because of all the beading. I couldn't use my machine on it. There was no way to dodge around all those metal beads.

Here is a finished dress that can be worn without finding a shirt to go with it. Sometimes it is all I can do to get dressed in the morning. Finding 2 matching items can be too much before caffeine kicks in.
 I am not very alert in the morning, I am more of a cranky zombie. 

I was happy with this dress and I used up some sewing scraps too. That is always a good thing. Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This dress was great all summer. It was light weight and sometimes I like to cover my arm from the sun, this was perfect.

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