Friday, June 8, 2018

In The Pink

Hello Readers. I managed to collect a lot of pink clothing that needed to be refashioned. I always seem to end up with a lot of one color at one time. I don't know how I did it, but here's the first pink outfit.

It all began with these pink jeans. I really love this blush pink color. The fit was not great on these jeans but that's fine, I can fix that. I also the pretty ombre pink shirt in the picture above. I loved the colors but it is very sheer. It drives me crazy when clothes need other clothes because they are COMPLETELY SEE-THRU! Anyway....I also had this darker pink t-shirt that was loose and baggy. It was a great color but it didn't fit under the sheer top like this. 

I started work on the jeans first. I wanted skinny jeans with some distressing in the legs. I thought they would be cute and casual for summer. And the distressing would make the jeans more comfortable in the summer heat too. Those rips and holes are like air-conditioning right? I used various kitchen items and some scissors to tear and scratch holes in my pink jeans.

I also noticed that the back pockets were very low set. Half of the pockets were on my upper thighs, that's how low the pockets were. I didn't take a picture of my backside in the jeans.(It's not that kind of blog.) I unpicked the pockets, placed them higher, and stitched over the old stitch marks. I couldn't really get them any higher than this unless I attached them to the yolk at the top of the jeans. The pocket below on the left is in it's original place. The pocket below on the right has been moved up. The old stitch marks will fade away in the wash.

I made the legs more narrow and shorter, and washed them so the distressing would fray and they would be ready to wear.

I got to work on the t-shirt. I wanted to make a tank top shirt with a high neckline. Why the high neck? I am tired of everything being so low cut that it's like a cleavage show. I wanted a fitted cami to wear under the sheer top but every cami I find is way too low cut. It feels like half my chest is coming out the top. Why even wear the cami if it isn't going to cover anything? (Is it just me?)

I cut the sleeves off the t-shirt and kept the neck band in place. I wanted it to be fitted under that sheer top, so I made the shirt more narrow and stitched new side seams too.

I stitched the cut edges of the new arm holes under and I was done.

I was happy with the new look. I liked the fitted shirt under the loose sheer top. And the pink jeans are a new favorite for sure!

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I love these pink jeans SO much. I wear them in the winter because I love the color. The shirts ended up in my daughters closet. I don't mind sharing.

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